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Future of Real Estate

Jan 30, 2018

Arizona-based makeup and real estate marketing expert, Ashlee Miller has been in both the beauty and real estate industry for well over a decade. She’s the owner of 'Ashlee Miller Artistry' and full-time mom or as she calls herself “Mompreneur.”

01:15 Tell me about how you got started in Real Estate

02:05 How did you get started in marketing? 

03:30 What are your top marketing tips for realtors?

05:50 The reason why realtors should embrace vulnerability.

07:10 How to put yourself "out there" as a realtor. 

08:30 What is it like being a "Mompreneur"?

10:15 What is "Crock-pot-marketing" and why is it important for realtors?

11:40 What would you say to a realtor who hates creating content?

12:45 Tell me more about your company, WFG National Title Insurance Company.

13:30 What is the Future of Real Estate in your point of view?

15:55 Tell us about your company"Ashlee Miller Artistry."

19:50 Where can people find you only?

Learn more about Ashlee here.