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Future of Real Estate

Apr 18, 2018

Chelsea Peitz is a nationally recognized real estate speaker who teaches camera first branding strategies and is the creator of "Chelschat Marketing Snappily Ever After," the first real estate education daily show on Snapchat. 

A frequent podcast and live stream guest, Chelsea shares actionable insights and tactics to help agents develop a powerful personal brand.

00:30 Who is Chelsea Peitz?

01:22 Chelsea's First Time on Camera and what She Learned.

02:38 Video Tip for Real Estate Agents: Horizontal Screen!

04:16 Chelsea Peitz's Personal Branding Elevator Pitch

06:38 The Power of Snapchat for Real Estate Professionals

09:05 Snapchat Tips for Millennials & Non-Millennials 

11:58 Storytelling vs. Storyselling

14:46 Top Real Estate Agents Who Have Mastered Personal Branding

16:17 How Facebook's Latest Algorithm Changes Have Impacted Real Estate Agents

19:27 How "Social Media" is Separating the "Social" from the "Media" 

20:33 Types of Content real Estate Agents Should be Creating Today

Learn more about Chelsea here