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Future of Real Estate

Feb 2, 2018

Chris Smith is a sales and marketing expert and co-founder of Curaytor- a full-service digital marketing company that works directly with real estate teams. Chris has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the book, 'The Conversion Code'.

00:45 Where are you from and how did you start out in real estate?

05:25 What inspired you to write 'The Conversion Code'?

06:05 Tell us about your company 'Curaytor.'

07:15 How do you address the changes in the FB algorithm with your clients?

08:45 What social media channel should a realtor use to stay ahead of the curve?

11:00 What to do as a realtor without many followers on social media.

12:10 Tell us about your podcast 'The #WaterCooler.'

13:25 You had Gary Vaynerchuk on your podcast. Tell us more!

16:35 What are two big takeaways from your book 'The Conversion Code'?

22:15 What's your morning and daily routine like?

26:25 Where can people find you online?

Learn more about Chris here.