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Future of Real Estate

Jan 23, 2018

Will Friedner is a Real Estate Broker at Glacier Sotheby's International Realty in Whitefish, Montana. He is also the only local agent on Facebook in front of over 25,000 people around the state of Montana.

00:40 Can you tell me more about you - where you’re from and how you got into real estate?

01:55 Could you tell us what your day-to-day is like?

02:30 When did you start using Facebook to get in front of your customers?

04:05 What kind of content do you share on your pages?

05:55 Did you learn how to use Facebook and its functions on your own or did you have somebody walk you through it?

06:25 What percentage of your business do you get from these groups?

07:50 Do you think the future of real estate is heading towards products that will do these things like online marketing for you?

08:35 Would your advice for realtors be to create a group in their area?

09:00 Besides the videos that you create and the groups that you have, what other marketing efforts do you do?

09:35 Do you also share your personal side, hobbies for example, on these groups?

11:00 Could you take me through what it takes to make a group like yours?

11:55 Do you have automated questions you ask them prior to joining the group?

12:15 Where can people find you online?

Learn more about Will here.