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Future of Real Estate

Nov 7, 2017

Jeff Fisher is a real estate agent in Scottsdale Arizona has embraced social media as a channel of selling.  Jeff is constantly figuring out new ways to grow his business and better serve his clients!

We asked Jeff the following questions:

00:30 What are you doing right now and what have you done in the past to build your real estate brand?

03 :30 Why is technology never going to be able to replace the agents in real estate?

06:30 Why do you think so many people switch from trying to sell a house on their own to using an agent?

09:30 What do you think about offers like Zillow instant offers?

12:30 Why is real estate such an emotional business?

15:00 How do you estimate the value of a house?

19:50 What makes a good luxury real estate agent?

27:00 What mistakes shouldn't you make when showing a home?

33:00 How do you tailor your content strategy as a real estate agent?