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Future of Real Estate

Feb 9, 2018

Peter Pasternack is a real estate investing expert based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Founder of The Investor's Blueprint. You may also recognize Peter’s name from the A&E TV show “Flip This House" Atlanta.

00:35 The meaning behind 'Chop Chop!'

01:55 Tell us more about you and your business 'The Investor's Blueprint'

05:35 What's your free 7-day Investor's Blueprint video training course about?

06:15 What are the two words that are responsible for turning profitable deals into losses?

08:20 House flipping 12 years from now. What does it look like?

09:40 You have 8,000+ connections on LinkedIn. Share your strategy.

12:00 Do you personally post on your social media or do you delegate that?

13:10 Peter's positive influence on those in the real estate industry, like Shauna Smith. 

15:05 Do you have a mentor who taught you the value of speaking your own truth?

16:20 You say every day you try to positively affect one person a day. Who will you positively impact today?

17:35 Where can people find you online?

Learn more about Peter here.