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Future of Real Estate

Jan 18, 2018

Jason Morris is a real estate agent at eXp Realty in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and author of the books, "53 Strategies to Get More Listings," "How to be a FSBO Master” and “8 Steps to Make a Million Dollars Selling Real Estate.”

00:55 Can you tell us more about your Facebook group?

04:35 What do you think realtors really want to see and hear on these Facebook groups?

06:30 Have you cut out the postcard mailing method in your strategy as a realtor?

07:45 Do you do individual boosting on Facebook?

10:50 You wrote two books, one titled “"53 Strategies to Get More Listings". Could you give us some of those strategies?

14:20 Do you think that technology will be able to replace realtors at some point?

17:30 What is the purpose of your Youtube channel?

21:40 Where can people find you online?

22:25 Do you use Instagram?

Learn more about Jason here.